Materials Old CD 2 Popsicle stick 4 rubber bands Duct tape

Step 1: Beginning

Put 2 rubber bands over the CD in the shape of and X . And then Put the other 2 over those making a star

Step 2: Duct Tape

Then duct tape the 1 stick to one side and the other on the other side

Step 3: Finishing

Then try it out and ill tell u it works very very well!!!! Follow me favorite and comment!! Thanks!!!!;))<3
I don't get it<br>
I don't get imitation<br>
Wow this is really cool!!!! I am totally going to do this. The bands look nice on there by the way ;)
this is awesome but I have a suggestion. CDs are sharp so you should wrap the CD in duck tape so no one can get hurt. P.S. the bands were a nice add-on.
U don't need the rubber bande
Idk decoration

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