What you will need is a gum wrapper and a "AA" or a "AAA" battery

Step 1: Prepping

Place the negative part of the battery on the metallic part of the wrapper.

Step 2: The Fire!

Cover the top part of the battery and hold it there with something other than your hand! You will burn yourself, The FIRE!


You can tear the middle of it slightly so the heat would be concentrated to the middle where the paper would burn. Just a helpful tip, thanks for all the views too!

I have had a 9v battery catch my backpack on fire ruining dozens of relic hunting maps after it connected with some very thin hanging camping wire. I punched my prankster of a friend in his neck thinking he did it. Ooops
<p>Being in a situation like that I probably would have too without thinking, sorry about your maps bud.</p>
<p>if you have no gum just get some steel wool [pot scrubber] and put some tinder on top of it,then get a 9 volt battery and touch on the steel wool and&quot;hey presto&quot; you have a fire!!</p>
It's better with a 9v because you can just drop the wrapper on it.
<p>Didn't see yours before I posted mine! And yes, it is &quot;that easy&quot;! Great survival trick!</p>
Is it just that easy?
<p>Sorry for the delay, but yes it is &quot;just that easy&quot;!</p>
<p>:3 </p>
Does it really work? I would love to try :-)
<p>Yes, I just didn't want to start a fire inside, and if I did it outside I would have got yelled at.</p>