Picture of How To Make A Firework Fuse
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Step 1: Matirials

Picture of Matirials
This is what everyone at there house probably has WARNING: do this at your own risk I will not be responsible if u get hurt

Step 2: Grab Paper And Pliers

Picture of Grab Paper And Pliers
Take your paper and fold it multiple times to prevent it from tearing take a few matches and with the pliers cut the match head off put the sulfur(match head) on the paper and crush them till u get powder do this till u get what is shown above

Step 3: Pour Powder Into A Container

Picture of Pour Powder Into A Container

Step 4: Add String Into Container

Picture of Add String Into Container
Pour alcohol into the container along with the string and sulfur and start mixing everything well just a few drops of alcohol keep stering till the string is red as it can get straighten it out and put to dry

Step 5: Test

Picture of Test
Now that its fully dry it should be ready to test just light it and that's it
DannyRainbows (author) 2 years ago
This turns out to be a dud on my part so i will be updating this to make a real functioning fuse it well be up and running hopefully by this week
DannyRainbows (author) 2 years ago
This fuse doesn't work well for fireworks and pyrotechnics ill be posting an instructibal showing how to make a real working fuse stay tuned