Picture of How To Make A First Person Camera Rig This is really an update from my first camera mount its simple yet effective visibility is higher and higher mobility please subscribe to me on my YouTube channel
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Step 1: Tools And Matirials

Picture of Tools And Matirials
13, 8:36 PM.jpg
13, 8:36 PM.jpg
13, 8:36 PM.jpg
This is what you'll need not to much more from my first build

Step 2: Make The Handle

Picture of Make The Handle
Take your steel ruler and drill 3 holes into it 2 just the same width as your cap and the third where you are comfortable to see so this will keep your eyes from strain

Step 3: Attach

Picture of Attach
Once the holes are drilled take your hat and make 2 holes the same distance apart as the ruler now attach the ruler too your hat and add you bolt through the hat and then the ruler now screw in the nut to secure them

Step 4: Tighten

Picture of Tighten
Tighten the nuts lol to secure them now do this again on your last hole add the bolt and nut now take your phone adapter and screw it in and your done now I'm not responsible for broken phone