Introduction: How to Make a Fishtail

Firs get bands

Step 1:

Then twist one

Step 2:

Then add a nother do not twist it

Step 3:

Then a nother do not twist it

Step 4:

Get the bottom one and bring it over all of the bandes

Step 5:

Then add a nother

Step 6:

Take the bottom one and pull it over all the bandes

Step 7:

And do 3 4 5 6 agin

Step 8:

And when big enough then get a s clip

Step 9:

Then put a clip on bracelet

Step 10:

And then your done


craftclarity (author)2014-06-04

That's a lot of rubber bands....!

tebaxter jade soccer (author)2014-05-27

That is awsome you rock