Introduction: How to Make a Fishtail

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This is a video on how to make a fishtail using a rainbow loom

Step 1: Supplies

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You need a loom rubber bands C or S clips and a hook.

Step 2: Setting the Loom

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Make your loom straight

Step 3: Putting the Bands On

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Make an eight on any two pegs

Step 4: Adding More Bands

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Put two more bands on your loom

Step 5: Looming

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Get your hook and grab your bottom band and bring it over to the top

Step 6: Looming Some More

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Put another band on and grab the other bottom two again.

Step 7: Repeat

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Keep adding bands and bringing the bottom band over until you think your braclet is long enough for your wrist or if you want a necklace or anklet.

Step 8: Finished Looming

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When your done your braclet should look
like this.

Step 9: Taking the Braclet Off

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With your fingers take both sides of the bands off.

Step 10: Putting on the Clip

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Since you have a 2 rubber bands that means you should have four sides of rubber bands wrapped on your finger. Now take one of those rubber bands off your finger like this. Now you only have two sides.

Step 11: Putting the Clip On

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Get a C or S clip and attach it two the two sides of the braclet.

Step 12: Final Result

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This is what your final result should look like I hope you liked this tutorial and I hope it helped.


seamster (author)2014-08-14

Nice first project!

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