Throughout this Instructable I will be demonstrating how to make a fishtail style survival bracelet. Take your time as it can get a tad bit confusing at points. My survival bracelets are all designed so they can be deployed easier, and don't involve melting the ends to the bracelet. That reason alone makes "ending" the bracelet a little harder then most other tutorials where they simply have you melt the end and press it into the bracelet (I hate that!). What's the point of doing that? When you need to unravel your bracelet, your don't want to have to rip that thing off.

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When following this Instructable, the numbers in the instructions coincide with the numbers in the diagram.

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you'll need:

<p>awesome braclet i love making them and selling them to my friends for more paracord</p><p> thanks</p>
<p>finished mine!</p>
where can I get para cords
walmart and Michaels
Great tutorial! You're a great paracord...ist? I found it better to melt the end and &quot;smush&quot; it into the bracelet like so: http://i.imgur.com/lbNnY1h.jpg
EXCELLENT step-by-step instructions! Can't wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing!
do you have this instructable in a 2 color bracelet without a buckle??
We currently do not. We plan on making the tutorial as soon as we can.
Absolute perfection! One of the best tutorials I have ever seen. Thank you, thank you. Getting REALLY tired of the cobra bracelets. Went looking for a new one and found this on Indulgy and followed it back to Instructables.com, of course! Paravival, you're great!
Thanks so much for your kind words!
Oh my gosh I've never seen those before I will have to try and make one. they look great
Thanks. For your input. I'm going to change it and make it easier.
&quot;Core cords&quot; is a bit unwieldy and tongue twister-ish; you can simplify it by calling them &quot;warp 1&quot; a.d &quot;warp 2&quot;. Just something I learned from Stormdrane's 'ibles.
Haha, I solved my own confusion. I was curious to where from the piece of paracord you cut to 10 feet that you were measuring your wrist. I realized it doesn't matter because you were just taking measurement and would later measure again sizing the distance between the buckles.
haha Yes! Also you don't need to use the same cord to measure. I usually use some of my moms butcher string, a shoelace, or any other cord/string laying around (preferably white so you can see the marker). <br> <br>How did it come out? <br> <br>Anthony
Nice ible dude
I can always rely on you! Thanks man I appreciate it. Hopefully I can do around 1 instructable every month or so and get all of my products up on here. <br> <br>Thanks!
Yep thats a good plan dude
Did you measure your wrist and mark from one end of the paracord?
I don't quite understand the question. Do you need help measuring your wrist? Or measuring the cord afterwords to make sure it fits properly?

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