video How To Make A Flower in a Funky Pot
Here I show how to make a funky pot for a flower or plant. This is a smart fun green project. If you want I can make these for you they are just $5.00 a piece. I make mine out of pine. Just e-mail or give me a call. You are always welcome to stop over and visit me here in Plantersville Texas.
handcraftsup@gmail.com and 936 419 1941
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David Spiesman
spylock2 years ago
I did a large stump as a planter,about 20 yrs. ago,I burnt out the spot to plant,and it took days.
beepobeep3 years ago
Thank you! The wood is so beautiful as a pot and smells lovely after being cut. I am inspired to go try wood burning or burnishing even. <3
blkhawk3 years ago
This is a very simple project, perfect for young woodworkers. A great way to reuse fallen branches in our yards. Thank you for posting!