Picture of How To Make A Fort
This fort is very simple to make and it could probably fit 2 people in it. All you need is one blanket and 4 boxes.
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Step 1: Find A Place

Picture of Find A Place
For this you will need a good spot. This fort will work well next to your bed.

Step 2: Start The Roof

Picture of Start The Roof
When you start to make the roof you need to tuck one side do the blanket into the side of the bed. Position the boxes opposite the bed where you tucked in to the blanket.

Step 3: Finish The Roof

Picture of Finish The Roof
Put the Side of the blanket that is loose on the boxes and put something on top of the blanket to keep it in place. If the roof is falling in put a long stick to keep the roof from falling in.

Step 4: Finish

Picture of Finish
Once the top is finished make a wall out of pillows then put what you want in the fort and enjoy.
mary1352 months ago
Very well! Very easy! Thumbs up!