Introduction: How to Make a Free (or Cheap) Sustain Pedal

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Please bear with this is my first instructable. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated (as would praise!).

I have recently been learning to play a piece on my electronic keyboard that is greatly enhanced by the use of a sustain pedal (or damper pedal). As it is a Christmassy piece it can't really wait for a cheap sustain pedal from Japan or somewhere to arrive next summer, and music shops are sadly so expensive, so I decided to make my own. After searching the Internet , I found a video on YouTube, but it was not an instructable. So here it is! I thank "fsxelw" for giving me the idea!

Step 1: You Will Need...

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You will need...
A male to male headphone lead thingy... I had one lying around from an amplifier project.

One of these headphone jack things. I had one to connect my headphones to my keyboard.

A keyboard (obviously)

A mobile device with a battery... Phone, iPod ect.... It will also need a headphone socket.

Step 2: The Obvious

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Plug one side of the male lead into the headphone jack thingy.

Step 3: The Mobile Device

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Then plug the male to male lead (the other end) into the mobile headphone hole.

Step 4: The End

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Plug the headphone jack into the sustain hole on the back of your keyboard.... And play it. If it doesn't work, check your connections and that your mobile is on.
Enjoy your new sound!


24Eng (author)2013-11-24

How does the phone tell the keyboard when to sustain the notes? Do you need to activate the sound output or something? Is this essentially like holding the sustain pedal down the whole time?

HadiT (author)24Eng2014-10-17

Sustain is always on unless the phone is off. If you wanted, you could make a circuit (no power source needed) that connects two wires to each other ( Sustain pedals are literally on/off switches lol

dremmettbrown (author)2013-11-25

Sadly the sustain is basically on all the time unless you turn your phone on and off or unplug it from the keyboard

dremmettbrown (author)2013-11-25


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