Picture of How To Make Mini Korker Hair Bow Instructions
When making 3.5" or larger korker bows, it's easy to just tie the korkers together using a korker box. This method is not suitable for mini korkers though--the korker pieces will run all over the place.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make full mini korker hair bows as shown in the title image.

Step 1: What we need:

Picture of What we need:
14pc mini korkers (about 2.25-2.5"). Please see step 9 for how to bake korkers. We are using our Hip Girl Korkers. 1pc each color is enough for 2 bows. We're going to use the korkers from bottom to top.
JuztJenn1 month ago

Has anyone tried the glue dots or glue lines instead of the hot glue gun? I'd love for my 6yo daughter to be able to jump in and have fun making her own hair "pretties" but burns are noooo good!

nice job the and Great idea too i love it
It's really easy to make, I made some for my little niece .
Shawntayia4 years ago
omgosh i love this