This is how to make an attractive mace for display. However, it is also combat capable and made of nothing but the strongest materials. Five hundred years ago, this would be perfectly serviceable on the battlefield.

Step 1: Get Your Gear.

I use existing machine gears for the heads. Their weight and hole size will dictate handle length and girth. I was lucky that this one came with a brass bushing, which will make an excellent head for a ladies' purse cudgel. (For my dear ma!). Although the pic shows it shiny, it was originally rusty. I achieved a clean, but slightly rustic look by sanding off the major crud with eighty grit paper and PB blaster rust penetrant. I then worked it with hundred grit, then three hundred.
<p>Beautiful work Charlemagne7. Very inspiring.</p>
<p>Possibly drill a small hole beneath where the knot is and countersink the knot into the hole.</p>
Great! I'll make one and g it on my wall
that's a great looking piece of art ! deadly and beautiful at once
Yeah, Audrey! Its got a serious heft, and it's a great piece for the fireplace mantle or for a great conversation item. Thank you! :)