Have you ever gotten a well marbled beef steak and ruined it? If yes then you need to relearn how to make cook.
this is a simple recipe great for a week night meal or for a romantic night with your man or lady.
this dish can be plated to look very elegant or simple.

Step 1: ingredient

Ingredients are as follows:
  well marbled steak[rib eye(aka Scotch fillet or Spencer Steak), top sirloin,New York strip,or tri tip]
  fresh ground pepper
  course sea salt
  dried rosemary
  red wine (not cooking wine!!!)or beer
   frying pan
   baking dish
   aluminum foil

It amazes me how often opinions on the 'perfect' steak are passed off as if they are facts, the only proper way, etc. Having attended culinary school as well as having more than 20 years cooking experience, I find that the TRUE perfect steak is the one prepared exactly how the end consumer (the person eating it) wants it to be cooked. In other words, there is no single perfect steak; but it depends entirely upon the palate of each individual. The only people who cook a bad steak (at least regarding done-ness) are those who don't cook it the way it is requested/desired. As to myself, I eat steaks anywhere from medium rare to well done; I prefer closer to medium, but tending to medium well (about 140-142).
<p>Your first sentence got my feathers ruffles but the second sentence made so much sense. Everybody has that perfect steak recipe but think theirs is the best and it is, for them. Me, a little bacon grease in a scalding hot cast iron pan then a few minutes in the oven is really great.</p>
Truer words have never been spoken.<br> <br> Quite frankly, when he put the steak in a pan of water in the oven... Well, that's just nasty.&nbsp; After all the only proper way ;-) to cook a steak is to let it warm to room temp, throw it on a hot grill for 5 min a side, and enjoy.<br>
You add the water to 1).steam the meat and 2). the juices don't get burned. But I like your idea of how to cook a steak on the grill it adds a smokey flavor thanks for your criticism
well i have had to cook steak in my grandfather store sense i was seven now i am thirty something and still cook steak. it is something cooked to order and the way some one enjoy eating it other wise don't order steak if it is not going to be cooked to taste. I cook my rare because i like it that way, my boy friend likes his well done, kids medium rare and so on. i like the pan to get good and hot with just the right amount of oil about a table spoon of veggie or evo and then ser in the juices. no need to boil or bake such a tender piece of meat. my grand father us to tell me in order to see if it is done to customer satisfactory use your arm for tenderness factor. spring back action to see the doness never stick the steak while cooking. and always let it rest when it is off the fire. As for pan gravy my grandfather always told me to put some flour in that same pan that i used to cooked that steak the dropping will season the gravy the four will thicken the gravy and add color and than simmer with wine, stock, or water.

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