Introduction: How to Make a Handmade Doll

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Step 1: Materials

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3 large socks

Step 2: Steps

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Sew a long rectangle on the sock

Make four

Make the body by stuffing a sock with cotton or something soft

Tie around the head

Sew the bottom of the sock closed

Sew the arms and legs to the body

Make a face by gluing buttons on and making a smile

Step 3: Accessorize

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Make a hat

Put some hair

Make a pretty dress

Make mittens for the winter

Add a scarf

Don't forget to name her

Step 4: Results

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This doll is great for gifts if you want to save some money!


torifab1 (author)2015-08-09

is it suposed to say thread not tread

SparkySolar (author)2015-02-19

i love it

How cute!

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