Introduction: How to Make a Harmless Fake Virus Message

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This Is an easy tutorial for a harmless virus message prank for April Fools or just for your friend and if your lazy use my pre-made one.

Step 1: Firstly Open a New Notepad

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Do this by going into start

Step 2: Copy Paste Text

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Copy and Paste This

X=Msgbox("Message Here",0+16,"Title Here")

Into Notepad

Step 3: Cutomize It

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Cutomize It To Your Liking

Step 4: Click File

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Click ''File'' and ''Save As''

Step 5: Save As .vbs

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Save as .vbs or it will not work and as .txt file and name it to your liking

Step 6: Make It Look Convicing

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It looks like a virus so create a shortcut

Step 7: And Make a Custom Icon

Picture of And Make a Custom Icon

Step 8: Tips

• Copy and paste more of the text to make more windows appear for a better effect .

• If you want make multiple windows (Like Tip One) and make the last one ''April Fools'' .

• Replace more icons with the fake message for a better chance of them clicking on it .

• If you like it Comment Below and I'll make one which shuts down your computer (Also Harmless) .

• And of course have fun :)

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Magicians Code (author)2014-04-03

I hope you liked it


I have a doubt, can i use loop so that on one click of the icon i can get 50 popups at a time? If yes then how to put a loop?

WilliamL248 (author)2017-11-22

I have a problem. My error a stop just to Windows Script Host. :(

DARKNIGHT4 (author)2016-12-05


RyanBoyle2009 (author)2016-08-15

X=Msgbox("Message Here",0+16,"Title Here")

RogerD5 (author)2015-03-21

So EPIC! My friends use computers 24/7 and I'll prank them so bad with this! THANKS SO MUCH!!

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