So I love Halloween and I wanted to come up with an awesome costume.  I was looking for Halloween decorating ideas for my parties and stumbled upon Nicole Magne's website http://www.nicolemagne.com/blog/ and her 2006 Headless Marie Antoinette Costume.  This was also featured in Make Magazine.  She has amazing ideas and costumes!  She made her main piece by creating a clay bust then creating a mold and using liquid urethane foam.  I'm crafty but not that talented!  So I figured I could use a hanging mannequin as my form.  I was able to find someone selling them on Craigslist for $5!  Once I got that I knew I was on my way!  Follow me in my journey for guts and glory!!!!!! For only $20 too!

Step 1: Find Your Materials

To save money I looked at the Dollar store for whatever I needed first and if I couldn't find it there then I went to other places like Walmart or Canadian Tire.  This saves cubic assloads of money!!!

1) Hanging Body Mannequin I found my hanging body form on Craigslist.  You can also buy them at any retail display stores.  I also considered just offering to buy one at store that had them.

2) A Long Dress or something to look like a dress. I converted a sheer curtain I found at the Buy The Pound outlet of Goodwill ($1.99 per lb-this is before it's sorted, tagged and shipped to the stores).  Tip: I got tons of sheets there to cover up my furniture to recreate the look of an abandoned house for my party.  Much cheaper than getting them individually at the Goodwill store.  Each curtain was approximately $5 at the stores but I got around 9 sheets and 3 curtains for about $25.

3) Backpack Buy one specifically for this project as it will be cut up.  I forgot to get one on my Buy The Pound trip so I picked one up at Value Village for $2.99

4) Long Gloves The ones that go up over the elbow, the longer the better so you don't need to make sleeves.  I got mine at Value Village as well for $2.99.  These were new in the package.  I saw them elsewhere for $10-20.

5) Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush fromthe Dollar Store.  I bought silver and the darkest blue I could find.

6) Silicone Found the cheapest one at Walmart

7) Nail Polish Red colored like blood from the Dollar Store

8) Packing Tape

9) Scissors

10) Glue Gun

sweet costume!
omigod that's absolutely STUNNING! great job. i love the way you painted and added the texture of the flesh. brilliant.
Thanks!  I originally bought the silicone to make a fake brain prop and thought of using it on the neck mid process :)  Glad you enjoyed it!

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