This instructable is about hacking a Fluorescent Lamp Starter and turn it into a heating sensor , It is a very, I mean very, easy Instructable.
  Here is how it works , when you heat the metal chrome part it will shrink and touch the metal wire and close the circuit .

You can download the video and see how it works!

Step 1: What You Will Need


Fluorescent lamp starter
<p>you are brilliant</p>
<p>thank you :D but i have to say unfortunately it's not my idea just sharing :D</p>
clever idea. very nice
thanks <br>
Nice job!
very cool, what do you plan to use the heat sensor for?
man things . like remar2000's idea
Very clever use and recycling of a cheap device! <br> <br>You could use it as a sun tracker, or things so.
thanks for idea , and thanks for the patch

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Bio: thank you sunshiine for supporting me : ) i am mahmoud , i live in Egypt , i like to inventing new things form junk and old toys and More »
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