Introduction: How to Make a Hermit Crab Habitat

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Hermit Crabs are very cool, and social creatures. In order for them to survive, you have to really simulate their "Natural Habitat."

Step 1: Simple Supplies

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Some basic supplies you will need is:
bedding: play sand, Eco earth, Jungle Bedding
Salt Water: Oceanic sea salt mix, Distilled or spring water
Fresh water: bottled spring water, or distilled water
Bowls:You will need three bowls; One for fresh water, one for salt water, and one for food
Heat Source: Light, Under Tank heater
Hiding spot: coconut hut, driftwood pine and ceder is poisonous to hermit crabs!
Humidity: humidifier, or mister
Tank: Ten gallon glass aquarium MINIMUM

Step 2: Laying Down Substrate

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Let's start by putting down substrate. Here is a good list of substrates.
Jungle Bedding (pet stores)
Hermit Soil (Pet stores)
Play sand (Home Depot.) (This is used in childrens' sand boxes. It's found on the beach.)

Bad Substrates.
Calci sand
wood bark (Usually Pine or cedar, which is poisonous to hermit crabs.)

Play Sand, and Jungle Bedding are BEST SUBSTRATES!!!
*** REMEMBER: Your substrate MUST be atleast 3 times deeper than your largest crab.***
This is because they have to go through a process called "Molting". Thats when your crab will bury under ground to shed his skin. You should give him some healthy foods, because this process can take MONTHS.

Step 3: Salt Water

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Use "Oceanic Natural Sea Salt Mix" to create your salt water. DO NOT use table salt! it contains Idonide that can be harmful to hermit crabs. Also use bottled spring water, or distilled water because of the same reason. Tap water contains idonide and other chemicals.

Mix 1 1/2 tsp of sea salt with one cup (8 oz.) of water.
Mix 5 cups sea salt, with 1 gallon of water.

Step 4: Hermit Crab Diets

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Hermit crabs eat a verity of foods! And it's good to vary between them!
Most fruits and veggies are safe, Only if they are organic and do not contain any spices or chemicals.

Here is a list of safe foods:
Organic popcorn

Safe Commercial Diets:
FMR Hermit Crab Treat
HBH Verity Bites
Hermit Crab Cookies

I would have the fruits and veggies as a main course, and commercial diets as sides.

Step 5: Finishing Up

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Now just add freshwater, other climbing toys, and  hermit crabs! make sure when you buy your crabs, get one thats active and NOT in a painted shell! Painted shells can be toxic to hermit crabs, as the paint may contain led.


JohnJY (author)2010-03-03

What about heating? And what is the salt water for?

HermitGuy101 (author)JohnJY2010-03-15

it says heat. and the salt water helps their exo skeleton during molting. In other words, if you don't have salt water, they will die!

TJS48 (author)HermitGuy1012017-04-19

ive never once put saltwater in my crab cage and they molt just fine

JohnJY (author)HermitGuy1012010-03-15

Well I just got Sheldon and Tank, so this has been helpful information, thank you. 

MinaMonster2000 (author)2017-01-29

1 problem how do you make it with out buying stuff useing household stuff.

sandovalm04 (author)2016-12-15

Hmm...Class pet is good but even better!

641491 (author)2016-04-20


641491 (author)2016-04-20


KittyK12 (author)2016-01-23

I'm not sure what this products directions are, but the above amounts do not make sense. Please make sure to read each package for mixing directions.

rjoos (author)2013-05-31

If you are just looking for products to make this whole process a lot easier, I would totally check out They have these cool underwater habitats for crabs so you don't have to leave your tanks half filled.

JasonC75 (author)rjoos2015-09-21

hi i am jason

you look amzing in that pic

zhockins (author)2015-08-04

I really need help with my 10 gallon hermit crab tank I have the freshwater,rocks,sticks for climbing and even a background they can climb on,I also have a food and a freshwater bowl. Is this the good stuff

JasonC75 (author)zhockins2015-09-21

what are you talking about

JasonC75 (author)2015-09-21

this looks like home of a hermit crab dose it look like a hermit home

Nasubi77 (author)2011-08-11

1.5 tsp per cup would be HALF a cup per gallon, not 5 cups per gallon.

tlutchman (author)2011-08-08

where did you get the 10 gallon tank???

I live in canada and i can't find any. :(

vampierwolf (author)2011-08-03

can you use sea salt like goumet saslt if it doesnt contain any iodine?

chewy3939 (author)2010-04-15

 You spelled lead wrong you spelled it led

chopstx (author)2010-01-06

Nice cage and good ible!

halo99 (author)2009-11-29

how many gallons is your tank

HermitGuy101 (author)halo992009-12-03

it's a 20 gallon, i think...

halo99 (author)2009-11-29

lol i have the same thermometer for my gecko =)

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