How to Make a Hexafish Rubber Band Bracelet (with a Fork)





Introduction: How to Make a Hexafish Rubber Band Bracelet (with a Fork)

Step 1: Materials

You need :
-rubber bands
-S or C clip
-pencil (optional)

I'm using purple and green

Step 2: First Step

Grab your fork and your first rubber band (mine is purple) slide it through the first bristle, pull and twist,
then put over second bristle, pull and twist,
put on third bristle, pull and twist one last time and put on the last bristle
You should see what seems like two infinity signs

Step 3: Second Step

Repeat what you did in the first step with the next color (mine is still purple)

Step 4: Third Step

Take your pencil (or you can do it with your finger) pull the first bottom band and put it over the first bristle
Pull the second band on the bottom and put it over the second bristle
Pull the third band on the bottom and put it over the third bristle
Pull the last band on the bottom and put it over the last bristle

Step 5: It Should Look Like This

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat steps 2-3 until desired length you should start seeing the pattern after the first could bands

Step 7: Be Sure to Pull

I've sure to pull the back every now and then to see the pattern better

Step 8: Putting on the Clip

While pulling the back you should be able to see two open bands pull and put through one side of the S clip

Step 9: Finishing Up

After reaching desired length be sure to grab all four bands from the fork put them all together and slide in the other side of the S clip and there's your Hexafish Rubber Band Bracelet



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Thank you very much! I love this bracelate!

This is a chevron, or quadrafish, not a hexafish as a hexafish has 6 sides and this bracelet has four. sorry, but, possibly to reduce readers confusion change the name.

Picnic and forgot your loom? Fork, a good metal one within arms reach and clean? Get the rubber bands out and start workin it up at the picnic site!

made it .......very proud of myself and thanks for all the help you all gave

Great use of a fork! Such a smart idea, and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing.

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