Introduction: How to Make a Hidden Door

Picture of How to Make a Hidden Door

Step 1: A Wall

Picture of A Wall

Find a 3 high and 4 long and 1 wide

Step 2: Dig

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Dig out a 2 high and one long and one wide

Step 3: Door

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Put a door and place it as shown

Step 4: Picture

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Put a picture on the door as shown

Step 5: Use It

Picture of Use It

Now walk thur it and you can close the door so no one can get in

Step 6: Thanks Austydude

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Austydude gave me a idea about doing a Hidden door.check his channel out he does minecraft stuff

Step 7: How to Get Your Idea on My Profile

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To get your idea on my tutorial is post a comment on the latest video including what you want me to build and your idea will be posted on my tutorial that you want me to do.


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good share. thanks

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