How to Make a Bushcraft Hobo Oven





Introduction: How to Make a Bushcraft Hobo Oven

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Hobo Ovens are a great design and easy to use and even easier to make.

One of my other post on here shows you how to make Bannock bread in a Hobo Oven.

This is the How To Guide on doing so ......

What You Will Need

2 x Tin Cans one large than the other Please check Step 1 to get information.

3 x Stones or pebbles (Collect once on site) (DO NOT USE CONCRETE AS IT EXPLODES UNDER HEAT).

Heat Proof Gloves.


Step 1: Tins Sizes and Where From

The tins in this photo are as follows

Jumbo Tin is Jumbo Bake Bean Tin

Keep the Lid from Jumbo tin as this can be put on top when cooking

Medium Tin is a large tin that contained mixed veg


Step 2: Set Up

When setting up take your Jumbo tin and place 3 stones (the size of a plastic bottle screw cap) into the bottom of the tin in a triangle formation.

Once you have placed what you plan to cook inside the Medium tin and then sit into the Jumbo tin on-top of the 3 stones.

now place the Jumbo tin lid back on top of the Jumbo tin

Step 3: Setting Up in the Fire

Place the Jumbo Tin with with Lid on that also contains other tin with the food inside into the glowing embers then VERY CAREFULLY (With Gloves and Shovel) Put some more embers on top of the lid.

Leave till food is fully cooked.


Please leave a comment telling me and others what have you cooked in your Hobo Oven ?



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Great project, simple and usable! Check with local restaurants, I get large cans from the kitchen there to make my twig stoves and the waitress is a friend who keeps them for me. A great source and all for free! A lot of my source material is found in this manner, where some company's daily use of materials provides me with materials for projects from their scrap. Most companies will part with their material in scrap if you just ask. I often make a few extra stoves to show them what I'm using the stuff for and give a few away to let them benefit as much as I am! Build up a connection or two and materials will come to you either free or so low cost as to let you build a lot of projects for next to nothing.

Waxed Duck and Potatoes.

Some cans are lined with Bisphenol-A; it looks like a plastic-ish coating. This is probably not something you want to heat, and definitely not something you want in your food. Also, some very old cans use lead soldering along the seams; you don't want lead leaching into your food, either.

Cook the plating off first like any drug addict knows silly. Well actually anyone should know silly. Plastic is gone the first time you melt and burn it unless I'm stupid.

Be sure to inhale all that chemical-y goodness while it burns off! :-)

Yeah this is pretty cool, accept normally in a survival situation I wouldn't have a tin can on me.

I love these ideas!

What have YOU cooked in it??

Cool idea. I have cooked a turkey by covering the ground with a large area with aluminum foil, putting a stake in the middle, a raw turkey on top of the stake and placing a large metal trash can over the turkey. On the top of the trash can and around circle the perimeter on the ground, hot charcoal. The turkey cooks in about a couple hours.