How to Make a Homemade Electric Telegraph!


Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Electric Telegraph!

Make a homemade electronic telegraph for sending morse code messages to family and friends. No soldering required.

Two pieces of cardboard (5x7 inches)
Two pieces of cardboard (2x4 inches)
Duct tape
Jumbo paper clip
Mini Buzzer
One short wire
Light bulb from Christmas lights
Three long pieces of wire (from Christmas lights)
An aluminum pie pan
"D" battery connector/holder.

***This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your homemade electric telegraph***

Please click on the link below to view the circuit diagram after you're done watching the video.

I tried to post the diagram here in this box as an image, but it wouldn't let me.

Anyway, thanks for watching my vid. If you like the vid please give me a good rating here on and Thanks!

Johnny Rock Stah



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    The video that is supposed to show how to make the telegraph says that it has been disabled when you click on the link. Disappointing!

    fix the video link plz!! really wanna see this telegraph!

    Would be great to see the video but it is not working

    Pls fix your video.It isn't loading

    video is broken. please fix

    very easy and simple project

    I'm a teacher, and wanting to make this, but where do I get a buzzer? I went to the local hardware store, and they were so very unhelpful.

    1 reply

    Take a look at They have buzzers, beepers, and transducers starting at $.75. A 9 volt buzzer goes for $1.25. Take a look at my Instructable about a communications activity/game - it shows you something you can do with a pair of Morse Code buzzers, etc.

    i made this it was awesome

    This is cool. However, I traditional telegraphs use what is called a "sounder" instead of a buzzer (even simpler than a buzzer, too). The sounder only makes a noise when the key is pressed and released (it's silent if you hold the down). The Morse code is transmitted as the quiet spaces between the clicks.  Here's a link to give you the idea:

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    I think I'm gonna build one right now..... Oh man!! no more wire :|  No buzzer :(  Better get back to my little inventory and get more wire from my hardware store, and I wish we had radio shack (but we don't in the whole country) :((

    Nice telegraph by the way! Gonna get on with modifying it with proper switches and other stuff. Again nice telegraph :D

    Jonny Rock Stah.
    Your video on homemade electronic telegraph, was great.
    I only wish that I could copy and print it out on paper.  TNX.  Tip.

    hey wheres the writing to know how to put it all together dude

    very cool and easy

    I was looking for something simple for my students to do and this looks pretty good for that purpose. Cool!