How To Make A Household Rocket / Motor

Picture of How To Make A Household Rocket / Motor
I will show you how to make a bottle rocket/motor out of household materials. everyone should have all the materials needed for this project. This is for people who dont have access to KNO3 or gunpowder. But for people who do have gunpowder they can use that instead of match powder and get the same results.

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Step 1: Materials

Here is what you will need. everyone should have all the materials.

~ 15 to 20 matches
~ Small container or bowl
~ Tin foil
~ fuse (I used Visco)

~ Scissors
~ Mortar/Pestel or somthing to grind with
~ Your BRAIN!

Step 2: Extracting The Powder

What you need to do is scrape off the match head powder from the matches. I will show you a good trick for removing the powder fast. Note, this will take about 5 to 10 minutes to get all the powder off of 15 to 20 matches, even know you are removing it the way i will show you.

First, hold the match in your hand and then take the scissors and apply pressure to the match head. Next, move the scissors up and down while remaining on the the match head. This will scrape it off in big chunks. Repeat for alll the matches.

I am not sure if this trick will work with paper book matches. I used wooden matches.

Step 3: Preparing The fuel and The Casing

Now you will need to get out a mortar and pestel to grind the powder. If you dont have one then use anything you can find that would smash it. It is very unlikely that the match powder will ignite so dont be afraid to smash it up good. Thats given you are NOT using STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES. It doesnt have to be really fine, just so you dont have big peices.

Next, cut a peise of tin foil the the width of the length of the match stick and at least 8 inches in length.

x90gcz10 months ago
Thanks for posting this instructable. I was looking all over the Internet to find out how to make some sort of firework. So thank you for posting this!
Thorn-Boy5 years ago
cud i use sparkler powder?
i highly doubt that sparkler powder would work because it is quite a weak fuel. u could use black powder though...
whats black powder
iTraceur penna4 years ago
Oh, this is scary.
You're looking at how to build a rocket... and you don't know what black powder is...

Kill me now, someone, please...
KnexFreek penna4 years ago
pyroten penna4 years ago
lol... black powder is the stuff they use to propel bullets from a gun. I'm pretty sure it's not in use that much today for that purpose but anyway. it's also used in almost all pyrotechnics. It's commonly a mix of sulfur, potassium nitrate and charcoal. @Pyrochemistry --> i'v got small amounts of thrust from sparklers. I took a burnt out rocket motor, and packed it with sparklers (still on the sticks/metal things), and plugged the end. But I suppose it was more of a nice display...
Ya i agree about the sparklers, know anything else other than KNO3 and black powder that is a good propellant? Anyone? lol
Gunpowder: 50% Charcoal, 25% sugar, 25% stump remover
Armstrong's Mixture: Matchheads
German aluminum dark powder: 180in. x 1 feet of aluminum foil (powderized), 1 tablespoon of charcoal
Thermite (for burning through crap): 3:2 of iron oxide (burned and crushed steel wool) and aluminum powder (from foil)
Nitrocellulose: From what I understand, just ping pong balls.

By the way ping pong balls are made from celluloid which if you read the wikipedia article (I know, I know its unrelible and all that, but if it is used along with common sence it can have some good info) it says that celluloid is the  name of a class of compouds created from nitrocellulose and camphor which is why its bad to use the ping pong ball smoke bombs (toxic fumes). You know just thought i'd add that ;)

P.S. What do you mean by stump remover?
Search "grant's stump remover"
its a guy that you hire to remove stumps for you
gunpowder is 75 percent saltpeter/stump remover (KNO3) 15 percent Charcoal and 10% sulfur.
dependent on your formula - I have never made any of these, but found all these recipes on the web through months of research
That...was epic.
pooboy6 years ago
okay guys i have an idea lets make the longest reply chain all you gota do is reply to the last comment in the chain okay so = lets =
pooboy pooboy6 years ago


pooboy pooboy6 years ago


this site is for showing inventions, not making stupid chains
WHO CARES LOOSEN UP A LITTLE!! CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAIN!!!!!!!!!

fail ploop1713 years ago
WHOA! The chain shall never end! KEEP GOING
there's a forum topic like that... it's called something like "Random Fun"... check it out.
The longest one is on Kipkay's Orange Board.
is there any other way you could get fuel, like breaking apart black cats or somthing
open a shotgun shell
With your teeth.
thats stupid you gust wasted a shell that could have got you a bird
Crak open the 8 ring cap gun ammo. scrape off the gunpowder.
It's not gunpowder, it's Armstrong's mixture in those. Also, that is what he made in this 'ible.
Nooo dont want to do that waaayy too explosive it wont shoot up at all just boom

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