Step 7: The Fire Extinguisher

As you probably saw on the show, my first exhaust system failed. Below are the details on the simplified set up. It consists of two PVC joints and a rubber grommet. Using a rotary tool, cut a hole at the back of the larger PVC joint just big enough to fit one end of the smaller PVC joint into. Epoxy the two joints together to create your sweet exhaust system. Lastly epoxy the rubber grommet to the other end of your small joint. This should fit snuggly on your fire extinguisher. nozzle. You may have to trim it with your rotary tool to fit whatever brand of fire extinguisher. you buy.
<p>I feel sorta stupid, but yea, I kinda expected it to fly...</p>
<p>I saw that episode!</p>
<p>Does this thing even fly ?</p>
Was that Oceanic Flight 815 he went past?
Niiiiiice, I see what you did there.
Mythbusters is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
note that he said that it's a prop
That works good! Better then i expected for $30! How high did he get?
(sniff,sniff) How could you?
two fier extinguishers some pvc pipe a metal frame back pack some string pvc two nozles made of pvc and a bit of patientce and it might be possible <br> <br> <br>try e how they might have your answer if you realy want to put your life and dreams on the line.
Wait... It doesn't even fly?
how..................did ........................you....................... make............................that would it work if I just held on to a plane fire extinguisher...................and where do I get the metal I dont live by a junk yard.IS THERE A MESSEGE BORD on instructables.com where people can just talk? any.............ways GOOD BUY
seriously its a prop! for movie making!&nbsp; <em>can't even spell bye right</em> grr. <br />
Its a prop but when you click the button it realeses smoke...<br>That's what I thoought!
does this really work?????
&nbsp;its a prop for movie making!&nbsp;
Do you think that you could make me one and I buy it from you???????????????????????????????????????????
Do you think i could order your jet pack online
this is a very good example of Albert Einsteins quote: "things sould be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler"
actually the fire extinguisher package tells how long it lasts.
little did he know that he was going to become extremely famous and go to sundance. Ahh hes so young.
funny vid
I enjoyed it. BUT, it didn't really show the whole green screen process.
I loved the video, very-umm, interesting?
I know me to
stupid. post a real one.
there's a f'ing puppet.....my....god....
got to love the 2ed pic on the frist page
I liked the way your jetpack looked, but the editing on the movie could have used some work.
Great Instructable and video. Although I hate to admit it, I kind of enjoyed the stupid cliches.
i agree about the length of the video...zaniness is great...but boredom kills also...don't know if it's an encoding issue...but all of your measurements are coming up as complete junk (1 �¼â�� diameter)...and a lot more of that gobbledygook is interspersed throughout.. i used a similar method to make a holloween mask a few years ago...used a fire extinguisher piped out to some hoses coming out of the filters on a respirator....walk around and press the "trigger" to scare the crap out of people with "smoke" comming out of your face....i got covered in the powder they put in those things...and it was a little hard to breath immediately after firing...but it looked cool and that's all that matters right?
I like the concept, but not so sure about the style. The superfluous "zaniness" at the start grates like a bad children's TV program, and I'm guessing that if your audience are playing with dremels and fire extinguishers they aren't children. It improves towards the end, with a little more originality and fewer cliches, but remember the point of indy TV is that you don't have to be bound by the formulaic confines of actual TV. Use the fact that you can take a risk and try out something completely new without annoying the "network bosses". Finally, I skipped straight over the "break" in the middle- this is an Instructable, not a magazine show. As you don't need to put adverts in the middle, you might consider relegating unrelated material to the end or even cutting it for videos you post on Instructables. (But, of course, what you do with your videos on IndyMogul or elsewhere is of course your own business) Otherwise, nice job and keep up the good work!
Great concept.... video too drawn out.... I lost interesting at the "stay tuned" portion and almost stopped watching when the intro was longer than 5 seconds (I stayed because this was the first one).... You'll gain a viewer (and likely others) if the next one isn't drawn out ;)
Pretty funny, LOL good job!

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