How to Make a Knex Floor




Introduction: How to Make a Knex Floor

Step 1: Step 1

Make a strong base

Step 2: Step 2

Build on it

Step 3: Step 3

Add the floor. This is made up of green rods, white rods, and white connectors

Step 4: Step 5

Your done ( for now )

Step 5: Step 6

Add it in

Step 6: Thanks for Watching and Make Sure to Give Me Credit



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    Nice guide. I think Sorunome made one already though.

    Also: "And Make Sure To Give Me Credit" Why should we give you credit when you did not invent this. The white floor was used way before this guide so why should we give credit?

    this isn't really a guide it's more like in wich order you should build a white floor not any tips or anything, also this has already been done by sorunome

    Did you know about the guide? I was just wondering since you joined in the end of 2013.

    Well yes but I do check out some older ibls that were here before I joined so that's why

    Oh right, ok. Will you post some of your own K'nex creations :-)

    Hint - There is a K'nex contest coming up in summer called 'Toy Rods and Connectors', you should join! I won last year runner up as well as others and I will be making new builds again in order to win a prize :D

    Yes I recently got a good camera so I can finally post some stuff here :)

    Yes but, most people say that at the end and I also should have given credit to so sorunome. Because you pointed this out, here are some pictures for you.

    2557 BE, 9:29 PM.jpg2557 BE, 9:29 PM.jpg2557 BE, 9:29 PM.jpg2557 BE, 9:29 PM.jpg

    I'm not saying what you have done is wrong and not authentic. That ball machine does like pretty neat though. Its that still in production or finished?

    Also, be sure to use the 'reply' button to my comment. That way, I'll get a notification.