Step 1: Step 1

Make a strong base

Step 2: Step 2

Build on it

Step 3: Step 3

Add the floor. This is made up of green rods, white rods, and white connectors

Step 4: Step 5

Your done ( for now )

Step 5: Step 6

Add it in

Step 6: Thanks for Watching and Make Sure to Give Me Credit

<p>Nice guide. I think Sorunome made one already though.</p><p>Also: <em>&quot;And Make Sure To Give Me Credit&quot;</em> Why should we give you credit when you did not invent this. The white floor was used way before this guide so why should we give credit?</p>
<p>+1 :)</p>
<p>this isn't really a guide it's more like in wich order you should build a white floor not any tips or anything, also this has already been done by sorunome</p>
<p>Did you know about the guide? I was just wondering since you joined in the end of 2013.</p>
Well yes but I do check out some older ibls that were here before I joined so that's why
<p>Oh right, ok. Will you post some of your own K'nex creations :-)</p><p>Hint - There is a K'nex contest coming up in summer called 'Toy Rods and Connectors', you should join! I won last year runner up as well as others and I will be making new builds again in order to win a prize :D</p>
Yes I recently got a good camera so I can finally post some stuff here :)
Yes but, most people say that at the end and I also should have given credit to so sorunome. Because you pointed this out, here are some pictures for you.
<p>I'm not saying what you have done is wrong and not authentic. That ball machine does like pretty neat though. Its that still in production or finished?</p><p>Also, be sure to use the 'reply' button to my comment. That way, I'll get a notification.</p>

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Bio: Hello. Most people know me from YouTube as knexmaster 88. I am twelve years old and love electronic music, football, basketball, and especially knex.
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