Introduction: How to Make a Knife

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This tutorial will show you how to bold a homemade knife

Step 1: Materials

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Metal "plank" ,can get at the Home Depot, ton snips, a knife sharpener or some kind of tool to shave down the metal,a marker, and 1 long shoe lace
Optional: furnace or fire pit

Step 2: The Whole Thing

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Step 1: draw out the kind of blade you want
Step 2: cut out with tin snips

If u have a curve in your handle just cut as good as you dan and then hammer it in

Step 3: The Blade

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For the blade all you have to do is to use the file/knife sharpener and just go back and forth until your blade is sharp

Step 4: The Handle

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Take your shoe lace wrap it around the metal handle as much as you can then tuck it in at top

Step 5: Fire

If you want you can put the knife in a furnace or fire but ,IF YOU DO THIS BE CARFUL, and make sure to do this BEFORE you put the handle on

Step 6: Finished

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bcavaciuti (author)2014-04-08

very much a prison shank and i advise you do some research before making an instructable as they are meant to educate.

-DRAKE- (author)2013-11-30

Yeah I found that out after I made it

CementTruck (author)2013-11-30

The proper term for this is a shiv or shank.

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