How to Make a LEGO USB


Introduction: How to Make a LEGO USB

Hi....i'v always wanted to have a lego USB but they were so expensive! i tried to make one, here it is :)

Step 1: 4 2/4 Flat Bricks

Step 2: 2 1/6 Bricks

Step 3: 1 2/2 Brick

Step 4: 4 1/1 Bricks

Step 5: 1 4/8 Flat Brick

Step 6: Put Your 2/4 Flat Bricks Together

Step 7: Then Put Your 1/6 Bricks on the 2/4 Flat Bricks

Step 8: Then Put the 2/2 Brick

Step 9: Then Put the 1/1 Bricks on the Corners

Step 10: And Then This Is Part You Place the USB Inside

Step 11: Put Your 4/8 Flat Brick on Top and You Done :)

Hoped you liked it :) God bless.....



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    how does the usb stay inside?

    Very clever idea!