How to Make a LPS Custom


Introduction: How to Make a LPS Custom

For making a LPS custom needs a lot of skill . It depends if you want a full body custom or a half a custom .

First of you need to have your paint that your going to paint your LPS . The best king of paint is " apple barrel ".

You need at least 1-5 coats of paint , when you done that try to focus on painting the eyes . Eyes are the hardest part of painting a LPS custom . Don't worry on not doing a bad job because you can try again if you want . Add detail to your LPS , E.G different colour tips on your LPS ears or tail ( if the LPS has ears or a tail ) After you've done that let it dry , When you are done put on paint GLAZE or clear nail polish to make the paint on the LPS strong or less chance to make the paint chip off ( trust me that happened to my custom , on the back it just chipped of )



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    Great instructable anyway

    Cool but maybe some info on how to actually paint the LPS and some pics

    Oh man, it took me the longest time to figure out what an LPS is! Littlest Pet Shop! I used to have those! Do you have a picture of the one you painted?