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For making a LPS custom needs a lot of skill . It depends if you want a full body custom or a half a custom .

First of you need to have your paint that your going to paint your LPS . The best king of paint is " apple barrel ".

You need at least 1-5 coats of paint , when you done that try to focus on painting the eyes . Eyes are the hardest part of painting a LPS custom . Don't worry on not doing a bad job because you can try again if you want . Add detail to your LPS , E.G different colour tips on your LPS ears or tail ( if the LPS has ears or a tail ) After you've done that let it dry , When you are done put on paint GLAZE or clear nail polish to make the paint on the LPS strong or less chance to make the paint chip off ( trust me that happened to my custom , on the back it just chipped of )


DogmatiX (author)2015-04-29

Great instructable anyway

DogmatiX (author)2015-04-29

Cool but maybe some info on how to actually paint the LPS and some pics

amberrayh (author)2015-03-27

Oh man, it took me the longest time to figure out what an LPS is! Littlest Pet Shop! I used to have those! Do you have a picture of the one you painted?

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