How to Make a Laptop Case





Introduction: How to Make a Laptop Case

Learn how to make a simple laptop case out of old jeans and a piece of plastic



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wow! you are sooo pretty ;)

Whats up with this chick...

Whoa ! nice woman

Thanx for sharing ...

very nice how do i get into her pants

There was a laptop in the vid? huh??.... all I saw was some beautiful girl... I guess I'll have to watch it again.... and again and again

A good idea to use the transparent foil, so the laptop a water spill resitance. But you´ll have troubles with the cooler system (I am not the first who mentions that), because the cloth saves the heat that the Laptop makes.

My solution to avoid this Problem:
search for a rough gridded, thin textile, which disturbs the air flow as little as possible

Overheating problems?

that was my first reaction to this.. specially when she was hitting the thing with a hairdryer

The hairdryer was to get out the wrinkles in the plastic and if you look closely at the case, there is plastic over the keyboard. I don't think it's made to use while it's in the case.