The World's Easiest Lava Lamp.
This is an easy, fun science activity that is great for any age. In fact, our video crew eneded up taking the extra bottles home to show their friends. It is also a great demonstration of liquid density, the release of gases in a chemical reaction, acids and bases, intermolecular polarity, and well, just plain science coolness. Watch the video, read the instructions (link below) then TRY IT!

Full written directions can be found at:


hey guy im in Australia and i have no idea what alka seltzer is can someone post what another name is for it plz
Alka seltzer is a large pill like substnce that is used for stomach relief. It fizzles when you put it in water. In Mexico its a powder...<br>
any type of fizzy tablet should do. probs a berroca or asprin. great to see a fellow aussy!
but the bottle is just a plastic bottle...<br>a little smaller than a 2 liter but anything will work<br>
carbonated water<br>not soda, no sugar
its like a Medication for pain ..... like in France its does not Exicte we have Panadol , Doliprane .
It's effervescent in oter word.&nbsp;
but the bubbles won't last forever... just the time the alka seltzer disolve entirely, but when it finish, the effect will stop, and i want the effect every time... i suppose that i'll have to use the normal way to do it... however thanx!
You can try making an air pump underneath but I recon the construction won't be small and beautiful.&nbsp;
I found this experiment awesome. i tried it and it worked wonderful with a light under it

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