How to Make a Leather Hacky Sack





Introduction: How to Make a Leather Hacky Sack

Hey guys , I put this hacky sack together with scrap leather that I managed to get

Step 1: What You Need

Leather Thread Needle Scissors Template Plyers(optional) Permanent marker Rice Stocking

Step 2: Trace and Cut the Leather

I made a template through trial and error , then used CAD to make an accurate one Trace the template with the permanent marker Cut it out

Step 3: Cut Out 6

I used 2 types of leather to get a two tone effect

Step 4: Sewing

Sew the pieces face to face

Step 5:

Sew all of them except for the last one, just sew about a cm on the top and bottom

Step 6:

Sew the last piece leaving lots of extra thread

Step 7:

Push it inside out

Step 8: Fill and Close

Fill a stocking with some rice and tie it off Put it in the hacky sack and tighten the thread till the seam looks like the rest , tie a knot and push the rest of the thread into the hacky sack

Step 9: You're Done !

Now just learn some tricks :)



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    Nice Instructable!

    Back in the day, when hacky sacks first became popular (at least in my neck of the woods), they were leather and a lot smaller than the knit ones you see now. About the size of a golf ball. (Sold by Wham-O, it was labeled "Official Footbag". I can only assume there was an Association)

     They were made like a baseball - two dumbbell shaped pieces. Maybe that would be a lot easier to sew together.

    Ebay has a few listed that might have better pictures.

    In fact, now that I think about it, I made one out of scrap leather - the tounges of work boots.