Step 1: Parts You'll Need

4 15 long connectors Two blue connectors Blade and other parts you see

Step 2: Making the Whole Thing

Take four connectors and attach them to black connector Then take the two gray connectors and attach to the base of the handle The make the hammer by putting the blue connectors on the gray part both facing outward The attach the blade at top

Step 3: Enjoy

Have fun playing with this and don't forget to comment and subscribe and vote for me Thank you
<p>a bit wiggly, but fun to use</p>
Isn't your logo from soul eater?
yes it is i love the show and made a EL wire mask with the logo
Thought so<br>
This would make a good entry for the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/rodsconnectors2013/">Rods and Connectors Contest</a>
yes it would and i tried it in the lego contest but they rejected me so im going to try that thank you <br>

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