Introduction: How to Make a Lego Cannon for TWO Lego Men to Hold at Once

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This will show you how to make a lego blaster cannon like the gun that is held by TWO lego men.

Step 1: Meterials

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you will need: black rifle,black blaster,clear stud,gray stud,and a gray cone.

Step 2: Add the Cone.

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Next you will need to at the cone to the rifle so it comes to a point to add the black blaster.

Step 3: Add the Blaster

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put the blaster on the rifle w/ cone and the get your studs.

Step 4: Add the Blaster.

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Just put the gray stud on the blaster THEN the clear one.

Step 5: CONGRATS!!

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gargoyo7890 (author)2010-07-25

Thats what i thought when I got the kit its the 8083 Rebel Trooper™ Battle Pack. The AT-AT driver is in an X-Wing jumper.>.>

seabananers (author)2010-07-13

this is in my lego war right now to snow troopers have it

seabananers (author)2010-07-12

cool cannon but why does the AT-AT driver have a X-wing pilots jumpsuit

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