Picture of How To Make A Lego Man Costume.
Have you ever wanted to have an original costume that no one else has? Well here is your chance. This costume is always a big hit which means more candy. And it is always a bonus to be able to scare someone by twisting your head 360 degrees.

Step 1: Step 1 The tools.

Picture of Step 1 The tools.
You will need several large card board boxes, tape, glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, a ruler, a black sharpie marker, spray paint, a hard hat. a yellow Homehardware utility bucket, dremel and a small bit, a pair of yellow rubber gloves some black craft/fabric paint, and a sweater what ever colour your top will be on your costume.
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neat can you make me one
ryanmcombs3 years ago
Great Instructable! Thanks.

What the heck is nikky nikky nine doors?
DJDEADMAU44 years ago
how do u walk?? or play nikky nikky nine doors????

its really neat, but you know how you said " origanal costume no one else has" ?  well, now every one on instructables has it. anways...... awsome!!!!!!

Really cool costume idea!
I may have to try this next halloween.
One suggestion, use spell check.
The text was difficult to understand in places
due to spelling errors.
Awesome idea!!

cool!! gonna try this one