How to Make a Lego Man Meditate!





Introduction: How to Make a Lego Man Meditate!

The Lego minifigure has quite a few limitations - that is unless you start taking it apart...At the end I had a competition regarding Lego and the first person to answer correctly got a 3 month PRO membership for FREE! **ENDED, RESULTS AND QUESTIONS ARE STILL UP.**

In this Instructables I will show you how to take advantage of one of the extra positions gained by taking your beloved minifigure apart.

So, to make a minifigure meditate, all you need is 1 minifig - 1 4x4 baseplate (or 2 2x4 baseplates) and 2 1x2 plates.

These are quite simple pieces and most people should have them.

Lets get started!

Step 1: The Stand.

It is time to make the stand for your minifig, this is done by stacking the two 1X2's on top of each other and placing them in the pictured location on the 4X4 plate.

Once you have done this it is time to prepare the minifig.

Step 2: Preparing the Minifig.

Thanks for making it this far, you are going to now learn how to prepare your minifig.

You will first have to take off the legs of your minifig.

Once they are off you need to pull them apart, this doesn't damage the legs at all if you just pull them straight off.

If you twist the legs while pulling them off you might break the little clips that hold them in place.

Once you have taken apart the legs you can discard the hinge to use another time.

Now all you should be left with is a torso, two legs and a base stand.

Step 3: Legs First...

Time to add the legs of your minifig.

You need to put them on in such a way so that the feet are touching one another and so the holes that joined the legs to the waistline are facing backwards.

See the photos, they have text boxes on them explaining what is happening.

Once you have assembled the leg part you can move on to the torso!

Step 4: Torso Time :)

The torso is the easiest bit, you need to sit the torso on the 1x2 stand we first created and then swivel his arms straight out in front of him.

Now twist the hands 45* like shown in the first photo.

Once the hands are aligned go ahead and swivel the arms down until they touch the legs.

Now build a little temple and put a Chinese hat on him and away you go!

Thanks for reading, please share this with all your friends!

Step 5: Competition Time!

OK, as promised in the intro, I had a mini comp, (I actually had two!).


"As in a syringe, what combination of Lego pieces will allow the cross that connects the plunger to the pusher to be made?

If you look at a syringe there is a section that has a cross shape, what combination of Lego bricks achieves this at a 1:1 scale?"

Congrats goes to "CorgiCritter" for being the only person to attempt this challenge!


The thing you have to do is be the first person to tell me "what function cannot be done whilst a minifig is wearing a helmet?"

If you are the first person to guess correctly you will get a FREE ONE YEAR PRO MEMBERSHIP!




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    The only function disabled by wearing a helmet is the arm rotation!

    Congrats, I have PM'd you the code :)

    There are several answers I see to this. The most likely would be 2 stud bricks stacked on top of each other, so that part of each sticks out a different direction.

    Or, it could be 1 stud brick stacked on each other.

    11 replies

    Yeah, pretty close - you are getting the general idea but not quite there yet :)

    I am looking to make the cross on a 2x2 round plate if that helps :D

    2x2 bricks stacked on each other?

    No, there is an actual piece/s that makes it perfect, if you give up I'll do a forum topic on how to make it :)

    Do you have lego?

    I give up. Yes I do have lego, BTW, but I prefer knex. I feel that there are more things that can be built with lego, but with knex, there are fewer pieces, which is a good thing, as there are so many lego pieces, folks are less likely to have the specific parts fro a model.

    Knex is better if you want to build big things without a lot of detail.

    Lego is better for smaller models with tons of detail and accuracy and scale...

    I like both but I have moved to lego after I ended up with just too much knex to continue unpacking and packing all the time :(

    I'll do a forum topic on it soon, the answer is 2 1x4 ledges - see if you can do a topic and work it out before I do - I should be able to get mine on in at most 1 week.

    If you can figure it out earlier and do a topic on it I'll give you a 3 month PRO membership ;)

    I have my lego packed away right now, so you can do the topic.

    And about knex for bigger projects and lego for detail, you are right. Knex also makes for better guns.

    Although, there is a chance of losing the knex rods in an unsuspecting wall... (yes, there are still knex rods in my walls...)

    Alright, I'll do the topic, I have friends over atm so I'll try to get it on asap.

    LOL, I haven't shot any rods through my wall, but I have put a lot of dents in it!

    You can easily shoot a rod through a wall if you sharpen it or put a metal head on it.

    You would (and easily could) achieve a metal head by dipping a frozen "black grey-rod" into molten copper (or similar) and filing the blob to a point!

    The black grey rods won't melt because they have a high graphite/carbon content!

    I always used the tan red rods, they fly straight and fast...

    I only have two tan rods, so I don't use them as ammunition. When I had KK's tr8 built, I tried it out on a scrap piece of drywall, and sure enough, I blew threw it with ease.

    I am also subscribing to you.

    Cool, I love destroying (and building) things!

    Oh, thanks for the sub, I appreciate it!


    With an old style helmet on a Lego minifig can wear all accessories except a quiver for arrows ;)

    Congrats has gone to Tomatoskins but watch out for my next Lego mini comp!

    Well, if you lifted the visor of the helmet you can get just enough grip with your thumb to spin the head, keep guessing!