How to Make a Lego Minecraft Iron Pickaxe!!


Introduction: How to Make a Lego Minecraft Iron Pickaxe!!

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Hello instructables!!! Today I will be showing you how to make the amazing....... PICKAXE!!!

Step 1: Gather the Parts!!!

You will need: ( 2 white daggers or teeth) ( 1 axle holder that is two studs high and is upright) ( and one Jedi light saber hilt)

Step 2: Make It!

Now, put the axle holder on top of the hilt at the stud top. Then, put the daggers on the axle holder using half of the space each. And there you have it! The pickaxe from minecraft!!!!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And please vote for me in the contests I have chosen!



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    This is cool, dunno why knex n craftin apocolypse is complaining, lol.

    And by the way, this a part to something else.

    No offense taken. I am still trying to figure out how to make a good Instructable. This is my second Instructable.