How to Make a Lightsaber for Free


Introduction: How to Make a Lightsaber for Free

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Step 1: Materials

-Black sticky foam -Cardboard tube(about 8-12 in. Long) -Tape -Scissors -hot glue -Silver spray paint or Silver duct tape Cardboard

Step 2: Patience You Need, Young Padawan

Spray the cardboard tube silver .Cut the cardboard tube's diameter to 1.50". Cut the foam from the template provided. Match it up and put it on correctly.

Step 3: Welcome to the Jedi Council

Cut a hole big enough to glue at the end of the saber. Then glue it at the end of the saber. Spray paint that before you glue it on though. Then cut some strips of black foam and make the grip. Glue a couple of bolts or screws on and your done.

Step 4: Join the Sith or the Jedi

Now have fun!



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    sorry! i was busy. i will put the template tonight. I thank you for your polite criticesism. Im new.

    What 'template provided'? I see no template!

    so you actually did this? Please share your own images.