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This my first time making a robot . In this instructable i will show you how to make a line following robot. Note that this a instructable for beginners who just want to make a robot for the fun of learning it. It will not be good for people who want their robot to be really fast and follow a line in less then a minute . This robot moves at a medium speed.

Step 1: Materials

For this robot you will need:
prototype board x1
-2907 transistor x2
-leds x8 (3 red,3 yellow,2 orange)
-LM339 x1
-1k resistor x2
-150 ohms resistor x 4
-Photocells x4
- 20k potentiometer x2
- DPDT switch Center off x1
- Motors x 2 (any kind of motors you would like)
- Wheels x 2 (wheels that fit your motor)
- A sandwich container, box, etc..(something strong enough to hold your circuit in)
- 9 volt battery
- 9 volt battery connecter
- Wires

- Side cutter
- Long Nose Plier
-  Soldering Ion
-  Solder
- Wire stripper

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<p>can you please mail me the circuit digram.....ur explanation is really very helpful....mail me at salwan.himanshu4@gmail.com</p>
<p>hey is ur project working</p><p>Because i want to build the same one</p><p>I do not like risks</p><p>So pls tell truly that did ur project worked</p><p>or u r sending just fake instructions.</p>
<p>hi,i just read and am intrested to make my first robot using your instructions,could you please send me the circuit,to see if i can first simulate in ltspice.</p><p>kangogodiana@gmail.com</p>
<p>i am not having potentiometer what shld i do plz tell</p>
<p>i am not having potentiometer what shld i do plz tell</p>
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<p>Kindly, Will Yu Be Able to send the Circuit diagram to my email please..?</p><p>pavanbpatil91@gmail.com</p>
<p>Kindly, Will Yu Be Able to send the Circuit diagram to my email please..?</p><p>pavanbpatil91@gmail.com</p>
<p>Kindly, Will Yu Be Able to send the Circuit diagram to my email please..? It&quot;ll be a boon to me.. Am starving to get the ckt diagram of Line Follower.. my email is 'sarangikku@rushpost.com'... pleez send my friend...</p>
In the diagram u use lm 393 and in the explanation u r written lm 339 please send me the diagram of ic 339 my e-mail id is abbasarshad1@hotmail.com plzzzzz quick send me the circuit diagram
<p>your project is truly inspiring but i came across a hiccup. </p><p>what alternate transistor may be used as i am unable to purchase the one stated above.</p>
<p>its really a great explanation and really a simple 1 to understnd</p>
<p>hey!!! This is Chaitanya.</p><p>can you explain about the connections of photo cells in depth; because it is a bit confusing here.<br>and what kind of photo cells did u use?</p>
<p>can you pls send the circuit diag to saranyaakrishnan.95@gmail.com ..or with due respect why have not posted it right in this document ?..and can you tell me how the speed control of the motor is achieved ? ..is it necessary to use a potenetiometer ? pls do reply ..the procedure is being real easy to follow</p>
Hey! This Circuit diagram is not of what u have explained untill now... <br>Plz post me the correct Circuit Diagram of this project. coz am stuck in the middle due to this.. PLease....... <br>
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bro....its the best explanation i got . and the most beneficial...but plzz mail me ckt diagram at dmayur57@gmail.com
Hey, <br>Would it be possible to email me a better copy of the schematics? I really want to make a line following robot. Your instructable looks doable. I have all the components so I'm ready to go. Thank you...tafsemail@gmail.com
bro....its the best explanation i got thtoughout and the most beneficial...butplzz plzz upload its ckt diagram..or mail me at anandag210394@gmail.com
Greeting, <br>Could you give more explanation about its sensors mechanism, please? <br>I mean how much the distance should be between the sensor and the ground and if it move away from the line what will happen? <br>thanks.
hi... its an awesome project... can i ask for the schematic diagram? i have all the components already... :) chan430_93@yahoo.com
can u please send me the pdf to email id- sanirudh101@gmail.com
also, where you solder, is it possible to use rubber cement? If you aren't comfortable with soldering. or, maybe electrical tape? I ask because i've made a hot air balloon and for the circuitry we used electrical tape and well. as you guessed, rubber cement.
Also, is there a specific TYPE of 1k resistor?
What is the WATT of the L.E.D's?
Thank you for creating this article. I am working with my son to build this robot. I see the diagram is step 11. I almost missed it. Once again thanks.
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pls send me ckt dig sanket.gumfekar007@gmail.com
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Check this easy line follower out. All schematics and code included: <br> <br>http://www.guruthumb.com/ <br>
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Thank you for encouraging comment. I got this design from from a book soI will scan the circuit diagram and send it to you as soon as possible. I would be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding the robot as per my understanding.
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