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One day I wanted to make a longboard so I decided to make one out of my trick board.

Step 1: 1: Materials

What you need:
1: wrench
2:electric drill
3:Woden board size of the deck
4:trick board

Step 2: 2: Take Apart the Skate Board

Take apart the skate board. Then put the board on the Woden plank that is the size of your board and put screw In the deck's holes. So it connects to the plank.

Step 3: 4:stick Trucks

Flip the board over and find the place to put the trucks. Then drill the screws into the trucks to the would plank.

Step 4: Finish

Thank for checking out my instruct able and hope you'll enjoy your long board. And should be looking close to my pics.


Thevladman (author)2015-02-04


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-02-01

This is very clever, the grip on the skateboard must really help you stay on the board. I just wish there some in progress pictures, it can really help people to emulate your awesomness!

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