Introduction: How to Make a Lottery Number Generator on Your Calculator

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This is how to make a random number generator
that you can use to pick lottery numbers for you
on a ti-83 or 84 calculator

**this was thought of and made by me
i take all credit for this program**

Step 1: Lets Begin

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First hit the PRGM button
and then go over to NEW
your screen should match up with my pics

Step 2: Name It

Picture of Name It

Now add a name
i just used the name lottery
since this generates lotto numbers for you

Step 3: Start the Process

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First you need to assign each number a variable
and since you want random numbers you use the random integer function
to find this hit the MATH button
and go over to PRB
then down to 5: randInt(

do that then hit the number one key
then the comma
then enter the number 52
and close the parentheses

the reason you use 1 and 52 is because the numbers are 1 to 52
and you use A to F
because they pick 6 numbers

Step 4: Finish It Up

Picture of Finish It Up

Now you want to display the numbers
so hit the PRGM button again
and go over to I/O
and go to 3:Disp

then after the Disp you want to put the letter
make it look like the picture
im sure you can do it
this should be under all the randInt(1,52)->

Step 5: Done

Picture of Done

You are done
now just hit the 2ND then ON to turn it off
then turn it back on
hit PRGM and go down to your program
hit enter
then enter again
and it should display your numbers

hope you win
because if you do
your splitting it with me right?


uguy (author)2009-03-31

Lottery, a tax on people who really bad at math.

evilskaterpyro (author)uguy2009-03-31

is that like your definition of it or what because it sounds like your against playing the lottery and you forgot to put the "are" between who and really just saying

Heyup (author)evilskaterpyro2015-11-07

well said mate :)

WaferElite (author)2011-07-18

Hmm, I tried it and entered everything in as told, but it simply displayed 100, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 every time I executed it. Any idea on how to fix?

jigglypuff50 (author)2010-03-18

 what a noob
you did that the super long way

junits15 (author)jigglypuff502010-06-09

how do you do it shorter?

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