Martingale collars are a very popular choice for dog trainers. They are not a severe as a regular choke collar since they cannot infinetly tighten and choke the dog. This instructable will show you how to make a martingale collar from scratch.

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Step 1: Tools & Supplies You Will Need

You will need some sort of webbing. There are many kinds out there like cotton, polypropylene and nylon. Three D-rings, which you can scavenge off of an old collar. Scissors. I have two pairs, one for cutting and a small pair of trimming scissors for cutting the threads. A flexible measuring tape for measuring your dog's neck. A sewing machine (that's a given) and sewing thread.
<p>I was short a D-ring but had a size slider thingy so I made mine multisized(probably good since it's a puppy), and it looks great</p>
is that a weimaraner?
Either that or a vizsla Weimaraner (grey/silver in pic) vizsla (Brown/red in pic)
<p>kinda looks like a dark fila brazileiro puppy too</p>
jersey is a little vizsla girl
Cool! i have a Weimaraner. She is not as young anymore though, now a year old
ooh, so very cute!!
This is a great idea, but my issue with it is that it is silent. If you properly use a chain slip/choke collar, part of the training is the sound. After a use or two, a dog is conditioned to the sound of the chain slipping through the ring and realizes, &quot;Uh oh, I know that sound, I'm about to get choked if I don't stop pulling.&quot;
<p>The purpose of a martingale isn't to choke the dog though, it's to ensure that it doesn't slip off the way buckle collars do.</p>
Those are very cute!<br> <br> Check out these <a href="http://www.dogologiedesigns.com" rel="nofollow">designer dog collars</a> I made!
Thank you! You've inspired me to save $$ and have dogs with pretty interchangeable martingale collars.. it's so hard to find nice martingale ones reasonably priced - this is GOLD!
Thank you, I&nbsp;bought some reflective webbing. It is also helpful to burn the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.<br />

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