How to Make a Military Grade Ghillie Suit





Introduction: How to Make a Military Grade Ghillie Suit

A ghillie suit is a example of extreme camflauge, it breaks up a humans unnatural outline and makes you invisible in the surrounding area, and here is how you can make one fast, easy, and cheap.

a 4x4 foot netting with 1 inch spaces.
A large sheet of camo painted burlap or just a burlap roll.
Green rit dye ( color of choice )

Step 1: Cutting the Burlap to Size.

Once you have your large sheet of burlap cut long strips about 2 inches wide down the sheet until you have enough to cover your netting.
You could also pull apart the burlap to get the individual strands but this is a very long process and it is unnecessary.

Step 2: Dying the Burlap

I used green rit dye for my ghillie suit buy any dye will work, choose the color for your suit according to where you will be using it, for example you wouldn't want a green ghillie suit if you where in a desert.

Now just follow the directions on your dye package.
Only dye half of your burlap strips, that way you won't have a solid green ghillie suit, it will be much more camouflage with various coloring.

Let the burlap dry in a hot dry area before you use it. Make sure it is completely dry or it will mold.

Step 3: Attaching the Burlap to the Net

While you are waiting for the burlap you dyed to dry you might as well just attach the un dyed burlap to the netting, Just thread the burlap through one of the netting holes and tie a simple knot, keep doing this with all the burlap until the netting is covered with hanging pieces of burlap.

It should look something like this picture of the net covered with up dyed burlap.

When your dyed burlap is finished drying repeat theses steps. And voila the finished product!

Step 4: Well Done!

You have just finished your very own military grade ghillie suit!

These are great for games like capture the flag, paint ball, airsoft etc...
This ghillie suit is really good for night activities! You'd be surprised how well you blend in!



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Well if wet fabric is clumped together for too long in a warm enviroment it will mold.

Well if wet fabric is clumped together for too long in a warm enviroment it will mold.

No you cannot it will get torn apart into little fibers and probably break your drying machine.

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