How to Make a Minecraft Figure Hat/helmet


Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Figure Hat/helmet

Hey people this is so cool! When I first did it I was amazed!

Step 1: What You Will Need!

2 strands of plastic for 3doodler
A minecraft figure of any kind
And a plug in socket
WARNING !mthe 3doodler can get very hot!

Step 2: Plug It in and Wait

While the light is red wait till it is green/blue to start using it DO NOT TOUCH THE END PART YOU MAY GET bURNED IF YOU DO SO

Step 3: Add

Add a layer of plastic on top of head

Step 4: Add Again

Add the side of the helmet on both sides

Step 5: Add Yet Again

Add on both side front and back as seen in the pictures

Step 6: Grand Finale

I'll of the helmet (May take a bit) and put in a different color on the 3doodler and this is a bonus put the first letter of the mob on the top of helmet



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    Srsly though... Domt touch the end of 3doodler

    Hey I did spell some stuff wrong
    I'll is supposed to be pull