Before this one, I made an instructable on how to make a server on the computer, and it got more views than I expected, so I decided to make an instructable on how to make a server on Minecraft PE. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this will only work with idevices. So my apologies for you androiders. Anyway, all you will need is your router and your idevice. You will also need to know the username and password, which is usually found on the router.

Step 1: Wi-Fi Network

First, find the Wi-Fi network you are on currently and click the blue arrow beside it. Also, you'll probably want to make this on your own Wi-Fi network, not like some McDonalds network, because, again, you'll need to know your routers information, and McDonalds probably won't hand that out. After you press that blue button, memorize your IP address and router address. You'll need these for the next step.

Step 2: Safari

Next, go on safari, and in the address bar, and type in your routers' address. You'll see a page asking you to login. Type in the username and password of your router in those blanks. Follow the video instructions. Then, find out your IP address.

Step 3: Starting the Server

Next go into any MCPE world, and type in your IP address. Give it out to some friends and all they have to do is type in your IP and they can join you. Unlike MCPC servers, if you are not playing on your server, then no one else can join. So to have people join, you will also need to be playing.

Step 4: Conclusion

So now you now how to make a MCPE server. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. If you want to know how to make a server on MCPC edition, just look at my other instructable, by clicking on my profile. Remember to like and subscribe and hope this helped.

<p>I'm stuck on step 2</p>
<p>it says on the safari one cannot connect to server</p>
<p>Settings wifi your network info look for ip adress</p>
<p>plz reply</p>
<p>reply, ok REPLYthis page does not help at all imma use YOUTUBe</p>
<p>on safari: won't load. Says I have no connection but I have this.</p>
<p>don't work It keep sayin &quot;server is full&quot; and I'm creating a new one!</p><p>HOW IS IT FULL?!</p>
<p>don't know</p><p>Happens to me it happened 100000000000000x82872 times</p>
Every time I try to get on it says server is full!
<p>ye same here</p>
<p>it says server full what do I do?</p>
<p>I have the same problem!</p>
<p>i think you need to do it again </p>
<p>it always says 'server is full.' How do I fix that?</p>
Can you make a website so we can create a server website about our server and get ranks and vote for w/e?
<p>hey I am confused about step one. What blue arrow?</p>
<p>Just the blue &quot;i&quot; (information).</p>
<p>I could set it up, but is it secure?</p>
<p>I have a question. Do you make your own router address or do you need a certain one because it's a little confusing to me.</p>
U need to make a different website for this.&quot;something easier&quot;
<p>What do you mean by ,,Next, go on Safari''?</p>
<p>if your on an android device then you won't understand but on an apple device it's basically the same as chrome ?</p>
<p>join to magma_nation here is the ip:a51162.leet.cc port:51162</p>
<p>Every time I try it say SERVER IS FULL!</p>
<p>happens to me too</p>
For step 4: I don't get it, WHAT VIDEO
<p>it doesn't work for me.. It keeps saying Unable to connect to world.. What do I do?</p>
<p>how do you get your username and password</p>
To find your user and password, type in the search bar: &quot;portforward router passwords&quot; and hit enter. Go to the one labeled Router Passwords-portforward.com and scroll down until you see your router company. Click it and scroll down and your default router username and password should be next to your router model.
This is cool<br>
This website is easy to work
<p>How do you do it on Windows?</p>
Are you talking to me?
Are you talking to me?
Pls anwser
Hey I need some help. I cant find my security code for my mcpe realms on microsoft. Please can you help me?<br>Thanks
<p>can you help me? i have android device and i want to login to xbox live to play online but always say the couldn't connect to xbox live . i download xbox (not xbox live) from google play and made an account but still say the same message i can not find xbox live on google play.can you tell me what to do?</p>
You Know Xbox Live is nothing but can access youtube and Download apps but it doesnt work on ONLINE. To get Online multiplayer access you will need to pay For Xbox Live Gold MemberShip if you dont have that then you are Unable To Access Online Multiplayer But you Can Access Local . If you Bought Xbox live gold membership it will work if not go to the Safari or Any browser then type in<br>Xboxlive/help
<p>thanks for help :)</p>
<p>wheres the video</p>
It always says sever full<br>
<p>I was hoping this would work. I did all of the steps, and then, when I tried it out for the FIRST time, it said, SERVER IS FULL!</p>
<p>Are you able to do this on Android </p>
<p>Yes aslong as minecraft is installed</p>
No dude

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