Introduction: How to Make a Mini Airbrush

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Have you ever wanted to make great airbrush effects, but never want to bust the bank on one of those costly airbrushes? Well just read this.

Step 1: Materials

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first, you need a marker (any big fat one)
next, you need toothpicks (optional)
then, you need pliers

Step 2: Takin' It Apart

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okay, first you need to pull of the back with the pliers and put the back to the side.
Then, you take off the tip by either pulling it out, or sticking a toothpick in the tip, and pulling.

Step 3: INK!

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leave the foam ink tube.

Step 4: Yay!

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blow into open back side with the cap off and aim other side on paper.

Step 5: Reward Yourself

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Dish out some ice cream and reward yourself.


Zebangelic (author)2013-11-23

Yeah, this brings back memories, we did this school, for doodles on our books. Though nice instructible.

tadall (author)2013-01-01

Um yeahhhhh.... Sorry to ruin your little fantasy, but.... I just wasted a whole marker because IT DOESN'T WORK. Okay?? :) :)

Screamo (author)2010-09-19

OK!....I did it all, i pulled off the back, i pulled out the tip, AND I BLEW... wanna guess what happened? AIR CAME OUT THE TOP :) Tips ?

Screamo (author)Screamo2010-09-19

Ohh,,, woops its working now! AWESOME DUDE

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