How to Make a Mini Cookie Basket





Introduction: How to Make a Mini Cookie Basket

Hi everyone! This idea is ideal for your kids next birthday party! Or even when your going to the movies! It's even perfect for a stay at home day while watching 5 seasons of your favourite show all day! I like to call it, the mini cookie basket!

Step 1: Supplies

To make one basket, you will need:

1 paper plate

Step 2: Cut

Get the paper plate and cut 4 mini vertical parallel lines like the picture, not cutting through the whole plate.

Step 3: Fold

Get your plate, at fold the plate like a standing taco, and then food in the top and bottom parts of the paper plate.

Step 4: Tape

Get the corners and tape the bottom bits together to form a flat surface so the basket stands.

Step 5: Fill!!

By now you would need to have some cooled down cookies! Or you can buy some precooked cookies!

Step 6: Enjoy!

Tie some ribbon around the basket in any way you want! And voila! You have just completed your first cookie basket! If you would like a cookie recipe please comment and leave a heart! Enjoy!



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    Cute and very decorative! Nice work!

    I love this! Thanks for the tip, can't wait to try it out.

    Thankyou! I hope you make them! :)

    Great Idea!

    Thankyou so much! They are so fun to make!