How to Make a Mini Cross Bow




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Introduction: How to Make a Mini Cross Bow

About: Hi there I am 11 year old boy and a like making weopons and stuff

How to make a fun cross bow

Step 1: Materials

You will need a bic pens some skewers a knife and a few rubber bands

Step 2: Tying

Tie the rubber bands around the 2 skewers

Step 3: The Pen

Wide the pens enough for the skewer can slide though easy

Step 4: the Skewers and Pen

put the pen in between the skewers and secure it with some rubber bands

Step 5: Rubber Bands

tie The the rubber bans long enough to touch to each end put the ends of the rubber bands lnbetweens the skewers

Step 6: Makeing Sure

Secure the ends of the rubber bands with more rubber bands and your ready

Step 7: Be Care Full

It is very powerful and will hurt someone So don't be an idiot and shoot at pets and people



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    Lol I kid I have 4

    Aren't you a little to young to have a pocket knife