a small micro k'nex pocket gun... not the best

Step 1: Parts

sorry bad pic

Step 2: The Gun

Step 3: Adding

Step 4: More Adding

Step 5: Finishing

Step 6: Handle

Step 7: Firing PIN

sorry bad pic

Step 8: Rubber Bands

here u need 4 small rubber bands

Step 9: Ammo

bad pic to

Step 10: Firing

to fire pull back the firing pin. then  put the little black pin that is the ammo. last tilt the purple trigger/connecter.
Lol it would be funny to see somebody make a Z35 by Oblivitus with mini knex.
OMG 7HI5 I5 LEK TH3 C00LI357 GUN EVR!!!!1111!1!!111!!!111111!1111111
thank you someone that agrees
lol xD
You'd figure one look at my posts would give it away, but no. I'll let them have there fun... ;-)<br> <br> DSMan195276
Not the smallest, but if you were going for something as a pocket gun, you shouldn't post it, just a heads up that you will get bad comments :(
ok and your right
no way! theres far to many knex guns that use bib knex this is ausome<br>
Why did you post this? I like the pistol in your Avatar better, or is that already posted.
well that one i got from google
Holy cow! I made that gun in your avatar, that's hilarious. x) Feel free to use the picture as your avatar, though.
And cool-looking gun, it's the first I've seen that uses mini-k'nex pieces. :)
^ Sucks. ^
y do your think it SUCKS
It's a pocket gun, it's made out of micro knex, and it's a block trigger pistol.
thanks dsman!
the only real thing i like about this is the coloured pieces.

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