How To Make A Mob Volcano In Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Today were going to make a simple get awesome mob volcano. I Kidd you not, yes, a volcano of mobs!
This also works for Xbox and PC version

You will need:
1. Water
2.any building block
3. Any mob spawner
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Step 1: The Volcano

Picture of The Volcano
14, 12:40 PM.jpg
Create a tall stack of of any block about 8-15 high. Repeat 3 more times to create a tower with a hole in it

Step 2: Load

Picture of Load
Fill you tower with anything mob you want (except chickens)

Step 3: Just Add Water

Picture of Just Add Water
Simply add water to the inside of the top ring
Now just back up and enjoy the show

Step 4: Trubleshooting

Picture of Trubleshooting
14, 12:40 PM.jpg
If no mobs come out check to see if:
1. Your is too high and the mobs hit the ground to hard and die
2. You placed the water in the wrong spot
AwesomeGabs13710 months ago
This idea was AWESOME!!
Orange Shadow (author) 11 months ago
I think we all should at least try it

I really should start playing minecraft...