How To Make A Mob Volcano In Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Today were going to make a simple get awesome mob volcano. I Kidd you not, yes, a volcano of mobs!
This also works for Xbox and PC version

You will need:
1. Water
2.any building block
3. Any mob spawner
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Step 1: The Volcano

Picture of The Volcano
14, 12:40 PM.jpg
Create a tall stack of of any block about 8-15 high. Repeat 3 more times to create a tower with a hole in it

Step 2: Load

Picture of Load
Fill you tower with anything mob you want (except chickens)

Step 3: Just Add Water

Picture of Just Add Water
Simply add water to the inside of the top ring
Now just back up and enjoy the show

Step 4: Trubleshooting

Picture of Trubleshooting
14, 12:40 PM.jpg
If no mobs come out check to see if:
1. Your is too high and the mobs hit the ground to hard and die
2. You placed the water in the wrong spot
This idea was AWESOME!!
Orange Shadow (author) 9 months ago
I think we all should at least try it

I really should start playing minecraft...